Banking and Finance Solutions

The recent global economic climate has given rise to an even more challenging operating environment for BFSI organizations. This is compounded by regulatory pressures and close monitoring by government agencies and the general public.

At Sysculus Systems, we help BFSI clients address these challenges while managing risk and meeting time and cost constraints. Sysculus Systems’s BFSI practice offers services in the following areas:

• Banking
• Capital Markets
• Personal Finance & Insurance
• Payment Systems

The Sysculus Systems Advantage

With Sysculus Systems, clients get access to 250+ BFSI domain experts consisting of:
• Business Analysts
• Chartered Accountants
• Post-Graduates in Finance and IT Systems
• Certified NCFM Finance Professionals

These experts have delivered over 100 releases for numerous BFSI clients. With Sysculus Systems’s help, these clients have achieved an average of 25% reduction in time-to-market and 20% cost savings. In addition, clients are assured they will meet compliance, regulation and certification standards.

Team Work