Our Ethics

At Sysculus Systems, we know each day our employees will make decisions that are critical to our client's success. An uncompromising culture of responsibility, respect, transparency and humanity has always been at the forefront of Sysculus Systems. Sysculus Systems ethical way of working brings mutual benefits to all parties involved. We also prides on the transparent and open communication we have with our clients, where both successes and challenges experienced by portfolio companies are frankly discussed, often leading to invaluable feedback.


We believe in the quote 'Honesty is the best policy'. The greatest asset we have at Sysculus Systems is honesty to all stackholders: Our clients, Our Employees and Our Vendors.

Use Assets Wisely

How we manage assets reflects our personal values, our company values and determines our ability to earn a fair return.

Deliver on Promises

We are people of our word - we deliver on our promises. We are responsible to our stakeholders and earn their trust every day.

Diversity Statement

We value the diversity of our employees and the unique perspectives they bring to Sysculus Systems. Diversity at Sysculus Systems not only includes age, race, sex, sexual orientation/gender identity, genetic information, disabilities, and ethnicity, but also jobs and functional roles within the company, the markets and clients we serve, our geographic locations, educational background and whether one joined Sysculus Systems independently or through an acquisition or outsourcing arrangement. By valuing these differences, we demonstrate our commitment to treating everyone with fairness and respect.

Team Work