Capability Profile

Sysculus Systems provides a range of leading edge and cost effective services. Sysculus Systems offers consultants who are experienced across all facets of software services and performance management. We provide services to organisations throughout each stage of development and reform with respect to their software management and performance framework and facilitate transition to the next stage.

In particular, Sysculus Systems has a strong track record in the delivery of:

• Corporate Training: Sysculus Systems has substantial experience in the provision of IT training and skills development, from the design and delivery of functional training for operational staff through to financial and performance management for senior management and executives.
• Software Services: Sysculus Systems are amongst the most active and experienced service providers. Our combined understanding and capacity to assist organisations extends across all aspects of the software making and testing process.

Our consultants have an established reputation for their high level of expertise, professionalism and commitment to service delivery.

Our dealings with clients are founded on:

  • Understanding client needs and their environment
  • Matching consultants expertise and experience to meet those needs
  • Skills transfer
  • Integrity in the performance of our work and our relationships with clients
Team Work