Sysculus Systems constantly challenges the frontiers of technology by thinking out-of-the-box. Understanding a customer’s needs, interacting with them very closely and offering complete total solutions at unbelievable cost aligned to Sysculus Systems products and businesses is a way of life at Sysculus Systems.

But there’s more to Sysculus Systems than challenging work assignments. In a work atmosphere that is congenial and informal, it allows for independent thought and innovation. At Sysculus Systems people’s cultural backgrounds, their technical expertise, their experience, the areas they work in and the multi-dimensional approach to finding answers to complex customer problems are all part of the diverse and enriching motif.

Besides work, Sysculus Systems also understands how essential it is to create a healthy work life balance. Learning, training, enhancing competencies, are part and parcel of daily work life at Sysculus Systems which is rigorous and mandatory. To have fun while at work, Sysculus Systems ‘beyond work’ initiative, ‘Wings’ caters to a wide spectrum of interests ranging from Adventure, Sports, Fitness & Personality, Fine Arts and Mind Sport to Performing Arts and Entertainment. These activities include participation of family members and promote camaraderie and well being among Sysculus Systems employees. Besides ‘Wings’, the presence of many resource groups such as Employee Focus Groups, the Emergency Rescue Team, Xpressions – the online e-zine, team out-bounds, knowledge management initiatives and many more such platforms create a sense of well-being and pride in working at Sysculus Systems.

Sysculus Systems is the ideal work place, where one can listen, be heard and feel completely at home.

Team Work