ERP Solutions

ERP enable you to manage all the crucial segments of your organization viz. finance, Supply, CRM, manufacturing resource planning and HR management. You can give a sequence to your whole organizational structure and work pattern with the inclusive ERP solutions provided by us. ERP systems are used in all the daily operations of manufacturing. In order to pull data from across the enterprise. There are several ERP systems modules. Each of the modules in ERP module is specialized to handle specific business processes. Sysculus offers ERP modules and software, you'll find introductions to the various components of ERP and learn how each module can benefit your organization.

We offers ERP for Light Engineering, Heavy Engineering, Manufacturing Units, Textile and Educational Industries.
A basic ERP software has the following comprehensive and user friendly set of modules covering all the functions of any manufacturing:
• Purchase
• Manufacturing
• Inventory/Stores
• Finance/Accounting
• Human Resource & Payroll
• Supply Chain Management
• Customer Relationship Management
• Production
• Maintenance
• Administration
• Data Warehouse

Advantages of ERP Systems

There are many advantages of implementing an EPR system for your Business. Some of them are listed here:
• Improved customer service and satisfaction.
• Improved productivity, speed and performance.
• Enhanced tracking and forecasting.
• Improved efficiency, performance and productivity levels.
• The ability to effortlessly communicate information across various departments.

Sysculus provides a massive user friendly interface especially for

• Educational Industries
• Manufacturing Units

Team Work